Central West Hay

We grow Quality Lucerne Hay at Gilgandra and from October 2018 in Gulgong, Central West NSW, Australia

For Orders call Richard on 0428 892 022 we can deliver up to 210 bales of hay per load.

Due to the drought, we currently do not have any hay for Sale, if we manage to grow some this summer, the price will be significantly higher then usual!

Various grades of Lucerne are available, Top quality Lucerne is sold @ $12 per bale and free delivery to 100 km from Gilgandra now and Gulgong from October 2018 on.

For deliveries >100 from Gilgandra, 50 to 129 Bale loads are charged at $1 per bale per 100 km, loads of 130 to 199 bales are 75 cents per bale per 100 km. for loads of 200 - 210 bales freight will be charged at 50 cents per 100 km per bale. Basically it costs me about $1 per km to deliver the hay, so every 100 km will cost you an extra $100, except that I am happy to absorb the first 100 km in the price.

Lower grades of hay are sold at discount prices. Currently we have about 50 bales of pasture hay for sale at $6 per bale.

First grade and grassy lucerne is sold at $10 per bale



We also offer transportation services using our Medium Ridged Truck which comes equiped with an Atlas crane, capable of lifting up to 3.8 tons. Truck can transport up to 6.5 tons per trip.

We also have a 70 HP tractor equiped with loader and backhoe, as well as a 2 ton tipping trailer.

All terrain forklift (1 ton lift)

We can also Slash and plough (chisel, mouldboard and disc) as well spread fertiliser, mow, rake and bale hay and straw on a contract basis.


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